Defending Drugs Cases

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Drug offences are treated extremely seriously in the UK. A conviction for even the most minor drug possession offence can result in a criminal conviction that can have career ending consequences.

At Berkeley Square Solicitors we have extensive experience in defending individuals accused of drug related offending across the spectrum from allegations of possession and low level supply to some of the largest drug trafficking cases ever tried in the UK.

BSQ partner Goran Stojsavljevic is recognised as one the leading criminal practitioners in this field. Goran is regularly instructed in high profile, multi-defendant drugs trafficking cases with an international dimension. He appears in courts all over the country. A tenacious litigator with a charismatic presence, he has a reputation for quickly digesting large volumes of evidence to identify the key problem areas upon assuming conduct of a case.

Case Studies

Cases Goran has recently been instructed include:

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  • the defence of a Border Officer accused of smuggling drugs and guns from France to the UK,

  • allegations relating to the importation and supply of half a ton of cocaine and two tons of cannabis concluding in a two month trial

  • twenty-one handed case representing the key defendant accused of supplying import level cocaine deemed to be the supplier of all suppliers. The operation resulted in three trials that went on for over six months

  • a twenty handed conspiracy to supply cocaine, ketamine and cannabis

  • a defendant accused of importing pure cocaine from Eastern Europe in a sixteen handed case resulting in a three month trial.

  • two clients said to be part of the Serbian Tigers gang, subsequently facing extradition proceedings for war crimes, accused along with 8 others of importing pure cocaine into the UK.

Read more about Goran’s practice and experience here.

Berkeley Square Solicitors also has a formidable recent track record in criminal appeals for drug related matters. Instructed after conviction, BSQ secured a substantial reduction in sentence in an industrial scale cannabis production operation - the "largest seen by the Bench" in the Court of Appeal in November. In a case related to the seizure of 33lb of cocaine a BSQ client had his sentence substantially reduced in September. Both cases were conducted by Goran Stojsavljevic.

If you require advice in connection with an allegation of drug related offending please contact our London offices on 0203 858 0851.