Expert Legal Advice to Avoid Criminal Prosecutions for Tax Fraud


Current HMRC policy is to reserve criminal prosecutions for the most serious cases or where there is a need to send a deterrent message to the public. HRMC policy changes over time however – as illustrated by a recent announcement of a clamp down on tax avoidance and defaults featuring small business owners.

In any HMRC investigation it is possible to enter into a dialogue with the HMRC with a view to averting criminal prosecution. Representations can be made in accordance with the HRMC tax and civil recovery policies and it is advisable to have professional assistance in this situation. In more serious cases of VAT Missing Trader Intra-Community (MTIC) Fraud, Vat 'Bogus' registration repayment fraud and Organised Tax Credit fraud the bias is toward criminal prosecution.

Civil recovery procedures in the High Court or compounding offers the HMRC the option of concluding or settling cases without bringing charges and the involvement of other law enforcement agencies.
We assist individuals and companies in challenging HMRC prosecutions or civil recovery proceedings.

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