Goran Stojsavljevic

Partner, Financial Crime and Serious Crime

Goran Stojsavljevic is a partner at Berkeley Square Solicitors. His practice focuses on representing both individuals and corporate bodies investigated and prosecuted for serious and financial crime.

In the recent past, Goran has acted for clients in some of the most complex and publicised cases brought by the Serious Fraud Office, Department of Justice (USA), HMRC, New Scotland Yard, National Crime Agency, Interpol and Europol.

From his wide experience of acting in numerous high profile and complex prosecutions Goran is recognised as a rising star in his field. A tenacious litigator, he is able to quickly digest large volumes of evidence and identify the key problem areas upon assuming conduct of a case.

Notable Cases

Financial crime

R – v – IM – solicitor accused of conspiring with nine others to defraud the HMRC and the Land Registry of £4M. Due to the complexity of the alleged fraud, the matter had to be split into two trials that lasted for almost six months in Southwark Crown Court. 

R – v – NM – Director and two others tried for almost three months in Bristol Crown Court in relation to allegations of fraudulent trading which, on the Crown’s case, caused almost 100 victims to lose in excess of £5M.

R – v – IR – the client, along with two others, was accused of conspiring to convert excess of £1M in criminal property in the Uk and abroad, resuting in a two month at the Central Criminal Court.

R – v – SA – two month trial  at Inner London Crown Court in relation to fraudulent trading and fraud by false representations concerning a well-known High Street estate agents.

R – v – DB – the client was tried along with seven others over two trials at Canterbury Crown Court in relation to defrauding the HMRC and the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills in excess of £12M.

R – v – JM – Director, along with two others, tried in relation to money laundering allegations in excess of £2M at Guildford Crown Court.

R – v - RR – client, a famous model, tried in relation to allegations of fraud by false representations and cheating the public revenue.

R – v – HA – client accused of conspiring with two others in relation to defrauding numerous High Street estate agents and commercial property agencies of over £1M.

R – v – ZT, VM and NK – three members of the Serbian Pink Panther gang accused of conspiring to defraud a National lender of over £20M. The matter was tried at the Central Criminal Court for almost 3 months and the investigation was a culmination of Interpol and Europol co-operating with authorities in 7 European and South American countries.

R – v – SN – client was accused, along with one other, of defrauding a world renowned conservatory of over £1M in a high profile case before Southwark Crown Court.

JM – client involved in High Court proceedings following allegations of theft of over £1M from a architects firm featured on a number of Channel 4 programmes.

AR – client investigated by the Serious Fraud Office and the Department of Justice for manipulating the LIBOR interest rate.

RH – client investigated as part of Operation Weeting which investigated the alleged phone hacking by a number of News of the World employees.

Organised crime

R – v – GW – client accused of conspiring with three others to import and supply half a ton of cocaine and two tons of cannabis in a trial that lasted two months at Kingston Crown Court.

R – v – BK – client accused, with twenty-one others, of supplying import level cocaine in a case where he was deemed to be the supplier of all suppliers. The operation was deemed to be so complex that it had to be split into three trials that went on for over six months.

R – v – HM – a twenty handed conspiracy to supply cocaine, ketamine and cannabis. The client, was accused of having in excess of 30 “dirty” phones, was tried in relation to all three classes of drugs in a trail that lasted for almost a year in Birmingham Crown Court.

R – v – VV – client accused of importing pure cocaine from Eastern Europe in a sixteen handed case. The matter was split into two trial and the client was tried at Bristol Crown Court for almost three months.

R – v – NS and AB – two clients said to be part of the Serbian Tigers gang, subsequently facing extradition proceedings for war crimes, were accused along with 8 others of importing pure cocaine into the UK. The matter was split into two trials that were tried between Harrow and Kingston Crown Court.

General Crime

R – v – SC – client was accused of two publicised murders in London, and was referred to as a “professional assassin” by the Crown in a trial that lasted for almost two months at the Central Criminal Court.

R – v – FA client accused of “honor killing’ where the victim was kidnapped, tortured and dismembered for part to eventually be delivered to his relatives across Bradford.

R – v – PL – client was accused along with four others of a “sex party” murder, where the victim suffocated to death. The case was tried for almost two months before Liverpool Crown Court.

R – v – DM – the client was tried for the killing of his partner and subsequently his neighbor, who was a witness in the first trial, at the Central Criminal Court for almost two months.

R – v – SA – client was tried for the murder of his ex-partners boyfriend and the attempted murder of his partner at Chelmsford Crown Court for almost two months.

R – v – KE – client was accused of kneecapping his partners new lover, and rival drug dealer, holding him hostage and torturing him in an ordeal that left the victim permanently disabled.

R – v – TD – the client was accused of attempted murder and cutting off a rival drug dealers daughters leg in a home invasion in North London.

R – v – AA – Solicitor accused of attempted murder on her partner with a “butchers knife” following discovering that her partner was having an affair.

R – v – AG – client accused of importing professional grade weaponry from Eastern Europe that according to the Crown was intended to be used to “start a drug civil war” in North London. Majority of the evidence came from intelligence sources within Europol.

R – v – ZM - Serbian client, along with 5 others, accused of supplying hundreds of AK47 and AR15 rifles to the IRA in a three month trial at the Central Criminal Court.