Legal Representation at the Police Station

Criminal cases can be won and lost in the police station long before you reach court

With over twenty years experience of police station advice and court advocacy in very serious cases you will be in safe hands with Berkeley Square Solicitors. BSQ’s lawyers have advised clients in interviews in numerous murder, serious fraud, terrorism and SFO investigations. They are recognised as some of the leading criminal solicitors in the country and are well versed in dealing with delicate negotiations with senior police investigators.

Knowing your legal rights can make all the difference between being charged and helping you to win a case. When dealing with the authorities, the advice below should stand you in good stead.

Stay Calm 

While the experience of being accused of a crime can be very stressful, it's vital you stay as calm as possible. Call a lawyer as soon as you can.


The police should always caution you before questioning you.

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When Can Police Make an Arrest?

The Police can make an arrest with a valid warrant or if they have reasonable grounds to suspect a criminal offence has or is about to committed.

The Police can also arrest you if they think you have given them a false or unsatisfactory name or address if they think you are a risk to yourself or others and property, and if you are unlawfully obstructing the highway.



“I was very impressed with Rogers professionalism. Compared to my last lawyer the time he took obtaining disclosure from the police and explaining my rights in a very complicated case showed me he really knew what he was doing. He put my mind to rest at very stressful time. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good solicitor.” - Thomas D

Your Rights on Arrest

The police should caution you and take you to a police station at the earliest opportunity, They may delay taking you if they think you have disposed of a stolen item or weapon in an attempt to retrace your steps to recover it.

Once you have been cautioned, you should be told of your rights which include being allowed legal advice, telling someone of your arrest,  and be able to see Police Codes of Practise.

The police may delay your ability to inform others of your arrest if they think it could alert other offenders to your arrest and thereby impinge any investigation. The maximum delay in 36 hours, except for a suspected terrorist offence, in which case it is 48 hours.

The police may delay your ability to inform others of your arrest if they think it could alert other offenders to your arrest and thereby impinge any investigation. The maximum delay in 36 hours, except for a suspected terrorist offence, in which case it is 48 hours.

Right to Silence

If you are accused of a crime you have a right to silence. You are also within your rights - and well advised - to wait for legal representation before you answer any police questions when taken in for questioning as a suspect.

Police Interviews

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Attending a police station for questioning is normally the first step in any investigation. By liaising with the authorities we try and ensure that where possible these take place by arrangement to avoid the spectacle of a public arrest. 

Police interviews are designed to be  harrowing and uncomfortable experiences and it can feel devastating. The impulse to panic and answer questions to secure a quick departure may be irresistible. Ensuring that you are fully aware of your rights on arrest and when in police custody and properly advised before you say anything is therefore vital.

Let us negotiate these choppy waters for you. Based on many years of experience and with an outstanding reputation for quality advice, we take a proactive approach in dealing with the police and investigating authorities.

Reputational Damage

With a background in dealing with many public figures we can also help advise you on how to deal with any reputational damage that may follow and refer you to the right external advisers where necessary.

Often in an interview you may be advised to say nothing or to give a written statement outlining your response to the allegations made. Whatever the nature of the case, we will ensure that you have time to think and prepare your response to the questions you are likely to be asked.

By making representations to the police on your behalf we may also be able to avoid any further arrest, change the date of your interview or obtain advance disclosure of the evidence the police rely on. After leaving the station we can also deal with other problems that commonly arise after an arrest – such as varying bail conditions, relaxing travel prohibitions, or ensuring that DNA samples are erased from the national database.

Search Warrants

Read BSQ partner Roger Sahota’s guide for businesses that are subject to a dawn police raid in the Law Society Gazette here.

Police Stations

We cover police stations across London and the South East.  in very serious and complex cases we can offer advice nationwide.

If you want to contact someone who has been arrested you can call the police operator on 101 or see our directory below. 

London and South East Police Stations (Alphabetical Order, click for details)

Barking Police Station

Belgravia Police Station

Bexleyheath Police Station

Bishopsgate Police Station

Charing Cross Police Station

Colindale Police Station

Dagenham Police Station

Paddington Green Police Station

Snow Hill Police Station

West End Central Police Station