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Acquitted with a no case to answer” was the successful outcome of my final proceedings. Thanks to Roger’s vast experience, his client care approach during such challenging times & skilful execution from the start, took a whole lot of burden off my shoulders.

It was out of sheer luck that I found Roger. I had the final terms from another nationally known firm on my desk awaiting to be signed and I paused, ran another search on-line and found Berkeley Sahota. Despite being on holidays, Roger was very quick to call me back on my enquiry. During our first conversation, with his calm, honest & unassuming approach, I knew I would be in capable hands.

Roger represented me at my first hearing and was he on fire. Whilst it left me confused at first, I know now, he was there in front of the bench with my interest in mind. Following which Roger appointed a very capable Michael Magarian QC to represent me for the next appearance. Michael’s cross-examination tactics and presentation of defence case was terrific. A very talented barrister indeed.

The period prior to my appearance and in the courtroom was mentally a very challenging time for me. With Roger & Michael in my corner and their ingenious attention to details of my case ended that burdensome feeling. On Friday the 13th, in that courtroom mid-case being acquitted, I was flooded with euphoria.

Thank you Roger.
— Rudolph T
My experience with Roger Sahota was great. I got listened to and I was fully supported. Roger Sahota was looking in to my case with a close attention to detail. Outcome of my case was positive. Thanks to your great help with your defence. I would recommend him to anyone who needs support for his knowledge and professional approach.
— Iveta Krejci
One of the best cross examiners... a good example of cross-examination...I really appreciated your submissions
— International Judge
As a retired General Manager of a Housing Association, former university Senior Lecturer and one of seven directors of a national charity, I am pleased to provide this professional reference. I was recommended by my great niece who is a barrister with the Crown Prosecution Service to approach Mr Sahota as being one of the best people in his field to deal with my case. The police needed to investigate certain allegations made about me in a criminal and Human Rights matter said to have taken place during the time of my National Service many years ago. Mr Sahota acted in a very supportive way. The matter was delayed and delayed by the police and during that period Mr Sahota showed his expertise and care. He was available by phone and email whenever I wished to speak to him. He showed a thorough understanding of his field of expertise In Criminal Matters Related to Human Rights. He gave me confidence with his advice. While he thinks that the matter of the allegations against me will never be pressed by the Crown Prosecution Service, nevertheless if it is taken forward I feel confident that he understands my situation and he will represent me in a competent and incisive way.
— David L
Rodger Sahota is a lovely gentleman. He is extremely professional yet still has that human touch. He took on board any requests made by us and gave us good realistic advice. I would highly recommend this firm
— S Ahmed
Dear Roger, Just wanted to say that thanks to your letter the Prosecution dropped the charge against my son last week. Thanks so much once again for your help,
— R M
Mr Roger Sahota worked with us on our case. He offered a very personal experience. He informed us thoroughly of the processes and best practices forward throughout the time of our case.
His approach was very comforting for us, a generally very good service we had received form Mr Sahota.
— R Begum
Mr Sahota and Mr Godden did a great job with my son’s case, Mr Sahota listened carefully to the details of the case. This was a very challenging time for me and my family, and I needed someone who was willing to give full attention to the case. He represented my son initially, Mr Sahota was professional and thorough. I had great confidence to consult him further and get advice about what I need to do and what to expect. I was so pleased with the final outcome when the case progressed to court. I relied on their further services and expertise, and Mr Godden represented my son in front of the judge, he was methodical, competent and approached the case with great confidence. We had great results, the best we could have hoped for. I thank you both very much for the great work you have done for my son. L.G
— Nabil Lat
Roger’s professional, intelligent, friendly attitude and his expertise eventually brought my case to a happy ending.
— P L
Thank you Roger. Very happy with the outcome and the service.
— Hayben B
Professional and very efficient! I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Mr.Roger Sahota. He is THE lawyer that you can trust!!
— Pearl Zhu
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Roger Sahota and how incredibly impressed I am with the way you look after your clients. Your style is incredibly proactive, efficient and clear, whilst keeping a personal empathetic touch that makes all the difference to what could be potentially stressful processes. Your handling of my case, and subsequent out of court settlement has ensured there has been no stress whatsoever, and I really feel I have someone who I completely trust, really cares and treats me as an individual acting on my behalf. Outstanding is the best way to describe the service I received and I will certainly be recommending Berkeley Sahota to everyone I know and definitely use your company again for related legal matters - A massive heartfelt Thank You.
— M A
Dear Roger

Many thanks for your rapid communication. You have been busy. It’s certainly a nice feeling to have a solicitor at last making an effort on my behalf!
— TM
Roger Sahota is one of the most experienced solicitors I have ever met.
I express my gratitude to him for driving my relative’s case to success!!
— EJ
I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Roger Sahota and how incredibly impressed I’m. Your style calmness professional, efficient and clear, whilst keeping a personal empathetic touch that really makes all the difference to what could be potentially stressful processes. Following his recommendation and advice and handling of my case, and subsequent out of court settlement has ensured there has been no stress at all and I really feel I have someone who I completely rely on, really cares and treats me as an individual acting on my behalf. Outstanding is the best way to describe the service I received and I will certainly be recommending Berkeley Sahota to everyone I know and certainly use your company again for related legal matters - A very big Thank You
— Abdisalan Abdi
Dear Roger
Well done and thank you,
Magnificent result,
— J C
Dear Roger,

I would like to say thank you for your help and support throughout my case. I am truly appreciative of all the hard work both you and Andrew put into my case.

Kind regards,

— NS
Being my first time to require legal advise, I was not sure how to handle my situation. Mr Roger Sahota was very prompt and attentive in his communications with me. In our meeting Roger was able to clarify my legal standing and offer an honest opinion on the possible outcomes. With Rogers legal advice and representation we were able to reach a favourable outcome with great terms. Roger is professional and confident and I would not hesitate to recommend him.
— Fanar M
I found out about Rogers and Daniels firm on the internet. I can fully vouch for their professionalism, expertise and service. I was delighted with the outcome.

Thank you both.
— Anna B
I am very very satisfied and happy to be a part of the winning streak of Roger Sahota in handling and defending legal cases. Personally I never knew him but I picked him up to represent me based on the reviews given to him and I did not regret it. He is very professional and well-mannered. Having put my trust in him, he was able to intelligently and comprehensively outline my defense and clearly presented it to my accuser; hence the case was won handily.

In this regard, i am giving a 5-star review of Roger Sahota’s accomplishment
— MCruz
Mr. Roger Sahota is an all round excellent lawyer. His approach to the case was extremely professional which put my mind at ease and the entire process was smooth and time/cost efficient. Mr Sahota’s character is admirable. I would, without a doubt, recommend Mr.Sahota.
— T F
Roger Sahota is a highly experienced Solicitor and I would highly recommend him. In my meeting with Mr Sahota, he was able to give his opinion on the outcomes for my case and was prompt in dealing with any issues I had. His expertise and knowledge in dealing with my case has led to the best possible outcome helping me achieve an out of court settlement. I would like to acknowledge what he has done for me and I am grateful for all his help. Thank you Roger.
— Anthony B
A very big Thank you to Mr. Roger Sahota for dealing with my case. It was a very stressful situation and from the very beginning of contacting the firm I was given assurance and confident, which I needed at that time. I would highly recommend Mr. Sahota as his style to deal with the case is clear, highly efficient and accessible. Thank you very much again.
— P C
I would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Roger Sahota for his excellent work on my case. This was the first time I had ever been in contact with a solicitor on a personal level and I have to say I was extremely anxious, however after meeting with Roger I was immediately put at ease by his manner and positive attitude towards my case. He is a solicitor of the highest calibre, with natural professionalism and a wealth of knowledge. Roger is extremely client focused, providing regular progress reports and is always prompt and clear in his directions and updates. I am delighted to say that Roger won my case and I could not be happier with its overall handling and final outcome
— Miss P
A free thinker and one of the most able solicitors I have worked with.. sees the wood from the trees in the big cases
— Legal 500 QC
I found myself in quite a situation with my previous law firm who dragged the situation for over a year with no clear outcome in sight. Then I met Roger. Just one meeting and I knew that I am in safe hands due to his no-nonsense approach and attitude. Very upfront and honest on-the-spot assessment. Extremely dedicated professional who knows his stuff, gave us his full focus and attention, very quickly cut through the noise and focused on the crux of the matter. I left the meeting fully confident and reassured. In a matter of weeks, the entire saga was sorted by Roger without me ever stepping inside a court (the previous firm was prepping me for a full jury trial). Great communicator throughout, always accessible, no time/money wasting on useless meetings and trips. Minimum hassle. Worth every penny. Can’t commend and recommend Roger enough. If you are stuck with a legal problem, in my humble opinion, don’t go anywhere else.
— S L
Dear Daniel,

I wanted to formally thank you for your amazing help and skilled conduct of my defence against the charges I faced concerning the Montpelier Contract for Difference. You were extremely kind and helpful, always ready to answer my questions and to reassure me when appropriate. You had a calm countenance and a very confident approach, both of which made me feel that you would be able to win the case for me.

I genuinely believe that I could not have found a better solicitor and your skills as a criminal lawyer are very obvious. The choice of counsel that we made together was excellent and I would never, of course, have had access to Charles Bott without your connections and good standing at Carmelite Chambers.

As you know, being prosecuted by the CPS caused me immense stress over a long period of time and the relief that I now feel is unimaginable. I truly believe that with a less able lawyer things might have gone very differently, but your skills and knowledge brought about a just result.
As you know I am more than happy to supply any testimonials that you may seek in the future.
I am looking forward to meeting up with you when you have time, so that we can have a meal together to celebrate our success and enjoy some social time together. I’ll wait to hear from you when you have some time.

I thought I’d put my thanks in writing as a permanent statement and do feel free to use this letter in any way you wish.
— MC
I am glad I referred to Mr Roger Sahota. I found him on the Internet as I never experienced such circumstances before. I was pleased with Mr Sahota’s attitude from the very first time I met him in the office and later at court proceedings. I found him as very friendly,calm and helpful with a very professional attention to details and professional conduct. Thanks to him we managed to put things right. I wish no one experienced such a matter but if it happens I would strongly recommend Mr Roger Sahota as reliable resource of legal help.
— Mykola Yarmus
Daniel Godden is a ‘fantastic lawyer’, he is ‘first rate’ with ‘encyclopaedic knowledge’.
— Legal 500
I think this is the best criminal lawyer in London.. I was very happy with the way Roger Sahota dealt with my case - he caused so many problems for the prosecution they dropped all the charges!
— Loredana Feldiorean
I was very impressed with Rogers professionalism. Compared to my last lawyer the time he took obtaining disclosure from the police and explaining my rights in a very complicated case showed me he really knew what he was doing. He put my mind to rest at very stressful time. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a good solicitor.
— Thomas D
If you are looking for a lawyer, look no further. Mr Roger Sahota is simply the best. I could not have wished for a better service and the case outcome. Highly recommended! Roger, you’re a star, a massive THANK YOU!
— Yulia B
I am very grateful to Roger. I’d seen several other lawyers and was at my wits ends before a friend recommended me to him. He acted very promptly once he’d taken on my case, understood what was needed and his letters had an immediate effect! I was so pleased with the outcome. It’s made a massive difference to me and my business. I would not hesitate to recommend him.
— Janie O'Connor
Roger Sahota is a great gentleman. He manages to be highly intelligent, highly accomplished and still an approachable human being! We very much appreciated all the assistance he gave my family.
— Victoria Larder
I have recommended several friends to this firm. Roger provides an excellent service and the general consensus is that he is really worth using in criminal defence matters. He is a useful contact to have in your address book!
— Sarah Rachel
He is one of the best professional lawyers I have ever met. He handled my case very well and the case was dropped, i would highly recommend. Am so glad i used him no regrets, Job well done
— David Isiekwe
I approached Rodger after reading review and his accomplishments as a criminal lawyer. From the start he has been very professional and his experience and attentional to detail is really good. I had discussed my case with my other lawyers but it only got worse. He was very approachable and always answered all my queries, I took his advise and am very pleased with the results. I will surely recommend him and every so thankful for his help.
— S J
My experience with the service provided by Roger Sahota was great. I got listened and I was fully supported. Roger Sahota was looking in to my case with a close attention to detail. Outcome of my case was positive. I would recommend him to anyone who needs support for his knowledge and professional approach.
— Yvette CZ
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Roger Sahota for the efficient and professional way that he handled my case. I would not have won my case without his guidance and knowledge, for which I am very grateful! I would highly recommend him.
— Stephanie C
Hi Roger. This is Mr Y’s brother. We would like to thank you and everyone at your firm for your support of our brother during this difficult time. We are so happy finally to put this case into place.
— Mr A Y
Roger Sahota is an outstanding lawyer I could not have wished for better. I recommend everyone to Mr Sahota. he represented me at a difficult time.
— Mohammed Y
Mr Sahota is very knowledgable and took the time to explain complex processes. His proactive is refreshing and I always received a swift response to any query I had. I am very grateful for his assistance.
— Mr Rahman
Roger was very professional and his expertise is second to none, he helped me through a very stressful situation and the matter was resolved quickly and efficiently despite the obstacles. I thoroughly recommend Berkely Square solicitors for their excellent customer service.
— D L
I referred a friend to this firm and can highly recommend them as a reliable and high quality practice. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to others - they did an excellent job.
— Philip B
Roger was extremely dedicated and accessible. He had right attitude and was confident about the outcome of his work. I would certainly recommend him.
— Rajat D
Roger Sahota is an outstanding lawyer I could not have wished for a better lawyer. I got the best outcome only thanks to him. I recommend him 100% you will not be dissapointed in any way. Thank you Roger I am forever grateful
— Milla Gal
Dear Roger, This is fantastic news!!!
We are very pleased of the case outcome.
Thank you very much for your cooperation and the effective service provided.
We will certainly leave a feedback on your website with pleasure and suggest your services to anyone who might need it.

We wish your company future prosperity.

Many thanks

Best Regards
— E G
Roger is the best! He helped me out of a really stressful situation. If you need a lawyer, go to him. Thank you so much. I’m very happy with the result
— Priscilla Power
Roger and the team where fantastic, I would highly recommend Berkeley Square Solicitors to anyone needing representation. These Gents helped me through a very stressful situation, and I could not thank enough. 10/10
— Jonathan B
Roger helped me when i was in a very difficult situation this year. His professionalism and knowledge of the legal system is second to none. I would highly recommend him to any individual looking for solid legal advice and legal representation. Alleviates stress. Excellent communicator. Keeps you in the loop throughout the whole process.
— D W
Dear Roger

Your a brilliant lawyer!

Yes, we are delighted and we thank you for your speed and professionalism on this matter. I will be happy to recommend you to others in the future.
— Ian