Frequently Asked Questions

I have concerns about my current lawyer. I’m not sure about his qualifications and he does not inspire confidence. Can I change my lawyer?

Yes, you have the right to choose your own lawyer. Contact our office for a confidential discussion about your case. Many clients approach us because they are unhappy with the solicitors assigned to them by the Legal Aid Agency. If you decide to instruct us we will, with your permission, contact your previous lawyers and ask them to send us all your paperwork. We will notify the court and the appropriate prosecution agency of the change in your representation and make all arrangements concerning your future court and police station attendances on your behalf.

I have a legal aid lawyer who is very junior and has not spent much time discussing the case with me. Can I change to another representative?

Yes, see above. Many legal aid lawyers now work under a fixed fees regime which means they receive a modest set sum for each case they take on. Some firms therefore limit the time they spend each client.   

Can you represent me on legal aid?

Due to cuts in government funding which make legal aid practice financially unsustainable and so we can offer the best possible service to our clients, we do not in general take on legal aid cases save in certain circumstances. Contact our offices for a confidential, free and no obligation discussion about your case.

What is the difference between instructing you and having my case dealt with on legal aid?

Sadly, cuts in government funding have made legal aid practice financially unsustainable. Most criminal legal aid cases are now conducted under a fixed fee regime . This is not compatible with the high quality of service that we wish to offer to our clients. Many of the barristers and experts that we work with also do not undertake legal aid work in general for the same reasons.

What is your hourly rate and do you offer fixed fees?

Contact our offices for a free, confidential and no obligation discussion concerning fees. We offer competitive rates and flexible payment terms including fixed fees.

If I choose to instruct you will Roger Sahota take on my case?

Roger is available to take on new clients but is selective about his caseload. Contact our offices for a free, confidential no obligation discussion.

I would like Roger to represent me at the police station – is this possible?

Yes, but he is selective about his caseload. Contact our offices to discuss.

I’ve received a letter from the police/prosecuting agency asking me to contact them to arrange an interview under caution. What should I do?

Contact a lawyer immediately. Should you decide to instruct this practice, we would speak to the requesting agency and arrange a mutually convenient time for you to attend a police station interview. Beforehand, we will arrange if possible for disclosure of the allegation and evidence against you to be provided to us so that we could discuss this in detail with you beforehand. See our police station advice section.

We would strongly advise anyone in this position not to say anything to the police prior to attending an interview and instructing a solicitor.

Do you take on cases outside London and the M25?

Yes, we offer a nationwide service. Contact our offices for a free, confidential and no obligation discussion.

I’ve never been in trouble before and been asked to attend a police station interview. What are my rights?

You have the right to legal representation and to speak to a solicitor before you are interviewed. We would strongly advise you to exercise that right. A solicitor can advise you of your rights and entitlements whilst you are in police detention and ensure that the police follow the correct procedures. Most importantly, a lawyer will be able to advise you on the merits of the case against you. This is critically important as what you say at the police station will have a major bearing on whether or not you are prosecuted and, if so, the outcome of your case.

Read more in our police station advice section.

I’m charged with a serious case and I would like some input on choosing a barrister. Would I be able to choose my barrister if I instructed you?

We provide all our clients with a list of the barristers that we consider to be suitable for their particular case. We work from a shortlist of highly regarded chambers who feature in all the legal directories. The final decision as to who to instruct is one that we take in collaboration with our clients. If you have a strong view on who should be instructed we will of course discuss this with you.

Will the solicitor looking after my case give me his mobile phone number and will I be able to contact him out of hours?

Yes, all are our clients receive the mobile phone number of their solicitor. Whilst we anticipate that most client enquiries can be dealt with during working hours, clients are free to discuss their case with the lawyer at other times when necessary.

I am a company director and have a legal expenses insurance policy. I have been charged with fraud offences. Will my policy cover my defence fees and will you be able to represent me?

Yes. We will make enquiries on your behalf with your insurers to clarify the terms of your policy and advise you of the options open to you.

I am the relative/friend of someone who is in trouble with the police. Can I instruct you to act on his/her behalf?

Yes, we do accept third-party instructions however we will ultimately need the permission of the person concerned. If you choose to fund another person’s defence case, will enter in to a third party funding arrangement with you.

I am outside the UK but am frightened of returning because I believe there may be a warrant issued for my arrest. Can you help me?

Yes, if you can provide us with details of the investigating officers and the police station or court dealing with your case. We can then, if appropriate, contact the prosecuting agencies and arrange to have the warrant dealt with. The particular course of action we would advise you to take will of course depend on your circumstances. Contact our offices for a confidential discussion.

Do you take on driving cases? I am a self-employed businessman and have accumulated 12 points. The magistrates have asked me to attend a hearing where they are considering disqualifying me. Can you represent me?

Yes, we have a specialist driving defence department. We work alongside some of the expert counsel in this particular field. Read more in the driving defence section of our website.

My husband/partner has been convicted of a serious crime. The Prosecution have asked for a confiscation order and want to sell the house that we bought together when we got married. Is anything I can do?

Yes. We have represented many spouses/business partners in this position. Following a recent change in the law, you are entitled to be represented before the Crown Court and ask for your interest in any property that could be subject to the confiscation order to be recognised. In certain situations, you may be able to prevent the sale of a matrimonial home. Contact our offices for further information and read our confiscation client guides.

My business partner has been arrested on fraud offences. The police have applied for a restraint order which freezes the bank account of a legitimate business we ran together which was unconnected to any criminal conduct on his part. What can I do?

Contact our offices for a confidential discussion. You are entitled to apply to the court to have the restraint order varied and the funds in your account released. Read more in our restraint order section.

I was wrongly convicted of a serious criminal charge. I would like a lawyer to review my case and see if there are any grounds to appeal. I was not happy with the way my previous solicitors and barristers conducted the case. Can you help?

Yes. However, we do not take on appeals against conviction for legal aid cases. If you chose to instruct us, we would obtain full transcripts of your trial and all the case papers from your previous lawyers and the prosecution. Having reviewed all the material in your case, including any additional material that you believe was overlooked and taken account of your views, we would provide you with a comprehensive advice as to the prospects of any appeal.