Are The Police Cracking Down On Home Cannabis Cultivators?

Very little data is available on the numbers of prosecutions in this area and we are undertaking research at the moment on this topic.  However we have noticed that whereas traditionally, importers brought in large quantities of herbal cannabis from Europe and in particular the Netherlands there is a growing trend now for domestic cultivation in the UK.

There are also more sophisticated detection methods available to the police including thermal imaging equipment which can identify properties with unusually high rates of electricity consumption.  Nonetheless, in our experience, cultivators would often be targeted based on old fashioned intelligence lead policing methods and “inside information” past to them.


Why Berkeley Sahota?


First of all, we have a detailed and in-depth knowledge of the drugs market.  We know that the price for controlled drugs fluctuates and varies depending on numerous factors including:-


  • Where in the country it is sold

  • The quality and strength

  • Packaging

  • The relationship between the buyer and seller

  • Law enforcement policies


There is a huge difference in the market value of certain strands of skunk with a high THC content and field cannabis that has been imported or poorer quality home grown material.


Often we find that the police do not distinguish correctly between the value of the different strains i.e. skunk and herbal and will include in their estimates leafs as well as herbal cannabis.  Consequently, the valuations relied on by the police, which are critical in sentencing, are often grossly inflated.


Often by reducing the value of the total cannabis discovered by the police as accepted by the court and it is likely that you will receive a lesser sentence.