The City of London Police
The City of London Police Force is the national lead police force for economic crime and has identified fraud as it’s priority area. Based in Central London the organisation is led by an Economic Crime Directorate and is comprised of five fraud squads specialising in banking, insurance, investment, insider dealing and advance fee frauds. The City of London Police also has four dedicated units devoted to cheque and credit card crime, money laundering, overseas anti-corruption and asset recovery. The City of London Police force has played a prominent role in Government plans, now abandoned, for an Economic Crime Agency to task and co-ordinate the efforts of the myriad government agencies enpowered to tackle economic crime.

As with all public sector organisations the City of London Police has recently weathered severe funding cuts of up to 20% and consequently is considering entering into innovative private sector partnerships with organisations such as the Association of British Insurers and British Bankers Association contributing to the work of it’s Insurance and cheque and credit card units.

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