Business Search Warrants & Asset Seizures


In the UK the SFO, OFT, HMRC and FCA are amongst the law enforcement agencies that can carry out “dawn raids” on business premises. Simultaneous searches of the home premises of target individuals often follow.

As soon as the police arrive it is essential that a company exercises its legal right to immediate external legal advice. We can assist by negotiating with the authorities to ensure that the business can continue to function, briefing management and staff on their entitlements and ensuring that any search and seizure of property is lawfully conducted.

This may involve verifying that investigators are acting under a lawful legal mandate, keeping an independent record of all property seized deal and making sure that communications protected by legal professional privilege are properly logged and dealt with.

Roger Sahota is one of the leading solicitors in this field, having appeared as junior counsel in one of the landmark search warrant cases before the Divisional Court in 2014, F and Others.

Roger is also the author of a guide for companies and law firms that may find themselves subject to a search warrant published in the Law Society Gazette.