Criminal Defence Solicitors With Expertise in Appeals


Clients often approach us because they have concerns about the quality of the advice, preparation and representation they have received from their previous lawyers.

Criminal Appeals are an essential part of our work.  As well as representing clients in appeals arising from any litigation originating with us, we also have a specialisation in reviewing wrongful convictions.

In recent cases we have been asked to look into the safety of convictions into serious allegations of murder, fraud and violent crime and sexual offences. Commonly, close relatives or friends of convicted offenders will approach us to ask us to take a fresh look at the papers and review the safety of their convictions.


Reviewing a prosecution is painstaking and time consuming.  Having obtained the transcripts of the trial, we will scrutinise the work done by the defence team to see if all relevant enquiries were pursued.  We have a reputation for leaving no stone unturned in the course of their preparation and work closely with some of the leading barristers, QC’s and forensic experts in the country.  In certain cases, appeals can be brought before the Criminal Review Case Commission.