Helping you Prepare the Best Defence

Court appearances can undoubtedly be stressful affairs. The environment can be formal and intimidating, but if you prepare your case and testimony carefully, by working with experienced criminal defence lawyers, presenting your defence will be a far more manageable  experience.

Before Going to Court

Sharing Evidence or Statements with Witnesses

It is essential in any criminal case that you do not collude or interfere with witnesses. Any collusion will be viewed very negatively by the court, and interfering with witnesses if you are accused of an offence is considered a serious crime. Similarly, if you are to give evidence as a witness, you should not enter the courtroom to listen to the testimonies of other witnesses prior to giving your own evidence.

If you are accused of a crime, you will be present throughout the trial.

Preparing Your Evidence

We work closely with our clients to prepare a robust case against any charges laid against them and we have successfully had charges thrown out for many defendants so that the prosecution never makes it to court. If the case does proceed to trial, we will make sure to build a thorough case for your defence. We will instruct the most experienced barristers to defend you in court.

Court Appearances

We will advise you on what to expect during a court appearance and how to respond to questioning, should you chose to enter the witness box. Preparation and knowing what to expect are key to helping you manage the process.

Rest assured that by working with Berkeley Sahota you will benefit from first-class, experienced criminal defence solicitors, who will strive to get the best outcome for you.