search warrant

Roger Sahota in Landmark Search Warrants Case

Roger Sahota was instructed as Solicitor and Junior Counsel in the latest of a string of cases where the Administrative Court has quashed warrants granted to the police to conduct searches of solicitors premises. In R. (on the application of F) v Blackfriars Crown Court, Divisional Court, 15 April 2014, the Admin Court upheld an application by the claimants to quash a warrant on the grounds it unlawfully authorised the seizure of LPP and excluded material stored on hard drives and digital media that may not have been of relevance or of substantial value to the police investigation.

The Court rejected arguments from the Metropolitan Police that the offending words on the warrant could be severed – the warrant was the invalidated by the defect.

Roger Sahota appeared as solicitor and junior counsel (a rare combination for the Admin Court) and was led by Rupert Bowers QC of Doughty Street Chambers.

This is the fourth reported case Roger Sahota has featured in as Counsel since his return to domestic practice from the international Hague tribunals.